Incense Fragrances

In all religions, incense is offered in worship to honor and please the deity. For the worshiper, it induces a feeling of tranquillity that is an aid for concentration and prayer.

Our stick incense is made in Southern India, where it is a cottage industry; the poor earn a modest living making incense. Sandal is a favorite ingredient of high-grade Indian incense, whatever its fragrance. Trees are harvested when 8 to 15 years old. The wood is cut, crushed, and boiled. Valuable sandalwood fragrance is then distilled.

Delightfully subtle and refreshing, our own Indian Temple stick Incense is imported from India, where a special traditional blend of herbs, barks, leaves, and roots is hand prepared, naturally. Our Indian Temple Incense comes in packaging that is attractive and keeps the incense fresh.