• White Sandalwood Incense
(imported from India)

Stick incense with a stronger fragrance than our regular sandalwood incense.

  • 25 grams Indian Temple Incense
    100 grams Indian Temple Incense
Stick incense that is another variation of our popular Sandalwood Incense. Has a stronger fragrance than our regular sandalwood incense.
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Review By Teresita Guerra


I like the white sandalwood incense because its fragrance is not too strong.

Review By Catherine Cogorno

White sandalwood iincense

The incense is wonderful. An effective energetic cleanser, too. Thank you!

Review By Laurel Delaney

White Sandalwood Incense

My favorite scent for years!
Not heavy, just pleasant and uplifting.

Review By Zoe Inman

easy, easy, easy

this incense steps up to you peripherally; no frontal assault. it has the signature sandalwood, 'i am here!' but with a gentle easy saunter! very nice for the early am sit.

Review By Stephen Sawyer


excellent variety of incense which is part of a spiritual culture I like to support

Review By White Sandalwood

My Favorite Sandalwood

I love this incense and would burn it all the time. However, it is heavy, and it gets in my hair and stays the rest of the day. While I love that, I do not want to overwhelm anyone with the scent. It leaves a residual scent behind after burning too, and, again, I love it.

Review By Sonia Seal


very good items!