• Musk Incense
(Imported from India)

Part of our Indian Temple brand of incense. Musk has been a standard incense fragrance for centuries in India.

  • 25 grams Indian Temple Incense
    100 grams Indian Temple Incense
Originally, musk was more of a rich leather scent, but now musk fragrances are more subtle. They have mellow undertones, and smell clean and fresh. Musk has a three-dimensional quality that allows it to be used in various ways. You can find musk as the base, mid, or top layer of a scent
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Review By James B Campbell

Love it

Long time user. They've kept the recipe intact. Thank you.

Review By James B Campbell

Very happy

Exactly the same scent I've appreciated for many years. Superb value as always!

Review By James Campbell

Indian Temple Musk Incense

After discovering Vedanta in 1968 I've used this particular flavor of incense ever since. For me it continues to be a joy as well as a profound reminder. It's remained exactly the same.
Thank you.

Review By Doris Blessington

Musk incense

My favorite incense. Excellent as always

Review By Anett Allbrett

Musk Incense

Musk has always been intimate and moving for me. It has given me courage I otherwise would never have had. It got me in touch with my passion and gave me peace.

Review By Doris Blessington

musk incense

vedanta musk incense is unsurpassed.
Usually buy the 100 gram pack, but since it was out of stock, vedanta sent the equivalent in smaller packs which I appreciated.
Deliveries are always prompt and it is the best place to buy incense with many fine varieties to choose from. I've also tried rose, sandalwood and other scents and love them all.

Review By Susan

The Musk is a must!

The best musk incense I have ever come upon. I have been using this since one 1980's and no other compares in quality or value. I like to burn 1 musk: 2 sandlewood. The combination is heavenly and lasting. I highly recommend it.

Review By Deborah Boller

Indian Temple Brand Musk

I started buying incense from Vedanta back in the 60's when I lived in Los Angeles. I loved the center at Vedanta Place. Anyway, my current favorite fragrance is Musk, but there are so many incredible ones. My favorite used to be Neroli but something has changed and it doesn't smell like it used to. Maybe it's because my smeller is getting old!! Anyway, thank you for making these beautiful products available.

Review By James Campbell

Vedanta "musk" incense

While I don't mind other types of incense Vedanta Musk has been, and continues to be, my favorite. Over the more than 40 years I've been using it the formulation has more than likely gone through changes. In my opinion the smell and character has remained remarkably consistent . I continue to be a happy incense burner! Thank you!

Review By Rick Moore


Customer for 40 years!

Review By Lily C.MacLin

25 grams Indian Temple Brand Musk

Over the past (many, could it have been 40?) years I have ordered my incense from the Vedanta Temple outlet, first when I moved away to Santa Maria Ca. an d thereafter from Kentucky. The quality of ALL the various kinds of Indian incense was excellent, the scents fragrant and never obtrusive - the sticks securely packaged. Invariably for a period of happy memories I imagined myself back in the atmosfere of the exquisite Santa Barbara Temple building, listening to the voice of Swami Prabhavananda.

Review By John Rosset

Indian Temple Musk Incense

Very strong, so I typically use only 1/2 stick at a time. If you like the Musk scent, however, I think you'll enjoy this.

Review By Nancy Grace Moul