• Sandalflora Bundle
  • 100 grams Indian Temple Incense
  • (available for resale to the trade)
Sandalflora is a popular incense to burn in our temple. It is a light fragrance with a touch of sandalwood, and is part of our Indian Temple Brand.
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Review By Doug Pearsall

One of my personal favs!

Review By Thomas Brown

Sandalflora incense

I recently purchased another bundle of Sandalflora and, as always, the incense and prompt shipment were perfectly
satisfactory. I highly recommend this product and,
which offers a tremendous selection of spiritual books and music

Review By Susanna

Sandalflora Incense

Sandalflora has such a soft scent; I love it! I have been enjoying it for more than 50 years.

Review By Katherine Harine

A Classic Incense

I love the Sandalflora incense and especially like the ability to get it in the larger 100 gram size. It has been a classic for years. The incense are not too thin so they don't stop burning before finished. The diameter is perfect.

Review By Alvin Castilloveitia

Wonderful smell that lingers for hours

A flowery tone to the traditional sandalwood smell will make you feel like in celestial place. It transports me to another realm. A must for the devotee who wants some smell in between the woody and the flowery.