• Green Rose Incense

One of our most popular scents. A sweet high quality fragrance

  • 20 grams and 50 grams stick Incense

    Made in India.
Green rose is a sweet high quality fragrance that is one of our more popular fragrances.
Stick length is about 8 inches.
Global Rating: 4.69 from 16 reviews Add your review of this product
Review By Steven Weaver

Best incense ever!!!!!!

Absolutely one of the best made and smelling incense I have found out of my many years of being a incense connoisseur! Not only is this fragrance beautiful, the incense is rolled onto the absolute thinnest stick I have ever seen on a incense! The last thing you want to smell is a bamboo stick left in the room after burning! Cheaper brands like Hem are rolled on huge thick sticks and leave a burning paper scent after burning. Green Rose are absolutely of highest quality I have found!!

Review By Sufia Giza


These incense are great for Aromatherapy, especially the Rose & Jasmine. I've been waiting to get the Lilac for years, as they were out of stock. I will be ordering more soon.

Review By Pushkara Blue


I have been using this product for some years now and I am very,very pleased with it. The aroma helps me to get into a deep meditation..

Review By Katarina Lind

Uplifting and sweet

I use Incense during prayer and when I do this with a good incense I get extra inspired. This is a very nice incense.

Review By Magnus


I have been around a lot of incense burning trough the years and for me to give 3 stars means that I really like this incense.

Review By Ari Newman

Simply the Best

Greenrose Incense is the best I have ever found. It is the only incense I use and I purchase it only from Vedanta. If you have not tried it, I highly recommend that you do! ari

Review By Walik

Always Pleasant

Green Rose is a great scent that I never get tired of. It’s a pleasant fragrance that renews your spirit. It’s a great gift item also!

Review By Michael Bica

Green Rose Incense

This incense has a unique floral aroma and is long burning.

Review By Jen

The best scent ever!

I have been burning Green Rose incense since 1986. I burn other scents, but I always go back to this wonderful item. I keep the package open and it scents the whole room (even when it's not being burnt).

I highly recommend this beautiful incense. Great price too!

Review By Sukriti


Green Rose Incense is the smell of heaven.

Review By Ari Newman

The Best

I have gotten Green Rose forever. My friends love it and I like buying it for gifts. This is~by far~the best incense, the only incense I will ever use. Thank-You!

Review By Ari

Truly the best

I will use nothing else but Green Rose...nothing compares. It is the best incense I have ever found and I have been getting it for decades!
:-) Ari

Review By Neal Shinder

Yellow Champa

I found this scent underwhelming- almost hard to detect. It's the first time I tried it, and I probably won't buy it again.

I'll order the Vedanta Special when it comes around again.

Review By Gary Blue

Green Ros Incense

I love this product it's my favorite incense, hard to fine here in San Diego. Thank you so much for your quick service.

Review By Green Rose

love it!

This has a lovely gentle aroma. It is one of the few brands that don't ever give me a headache, which makes me think that it is very natural.

Review By Solfrid SolEra

Divine fragrance!

This is the best incense in the world, its fragrance is just Divine and it burns a long time :-)