Mother's Incense (Amber Kasturi #10010)

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  • Mother's Incense (Amber Kasturi #10010)
(imported from India)

Stick incense that is not as sweet as Green Rose, but sweeter than the Indian Temple brand incense.
Also known as Amber Kasturi 10010.

  • 20 grams stick incense 50 grams stick incense

Our #2 best-selling incense, now back in stock.

Not as sweet as Green Rose, but sweeter than the Indian Temple brand incense.
available in a 20 grams size or 50 grams  with sticks, about 8.5 inches.

If you also include books with the order:
Please note that we may have to send the incense separately from any books ordered. According to postal regulations, incense cannot be sent at media rate.

If we can, we'll ship the incense with your book order, and charge the first class mail charge for the incense.  The incense charge will thus be higher than estimated by shopping cart.


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Review By norman reed

great company

I ordered a hard to find product and it was shipped quickly. Very Happy!

Review By Dian Sharma

Mother's Incense

It has been my pleasure to purchase this incense from Vedanta since the 1980s. It is consistently even and brings such as pleasant memories nd deepens my practice. It is not harsh, irritating to my neighbors and when I go to Mexico my friends there ask for me to bring them some. It is perfect to pack, easy to use and a delight.

Review By Dean Preston

Lovely Incense

A lovely fragrance with a 'classic', almost nostalgic appeal. Thanks also to Vedanta for the excellent service.