• Vedanta Sandal Incense
(imported from India)

This fragrance is a very nice yet subtle variation of our Indian Temple Sandalwood Incense.

Indian Sandalwood belongs to the amber woody olfactory family (formerly called oriental woody) and has a deep, creamy sweetness with warm undertones of amber, leather and wood, which comes from the component santalol.

  • 25 grams stick incense, Indian Temple Brand
  • 100 grams stick incense, Indian Temple Brand

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If you like our sandalwood incense, this new scent will be of special interest.
Like the rest of our Indian Temple Incense brand, the scent is light and aromatic.
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Jai Sri Sarada Ramakrsna ki jai!

Incense can easily be found virtually anywhere. These incense were perfect because they immediately make home into temple by way of the exact scent.

Quality was excellent, and lasted quite a while.

Review By Timothy Ruhlman Jr

Great smelling incense

This is a wonderful smelling incense. I have been using this for a while and I really enjoy the fragrance.

Review By Kieran O Callaghan

Highly recommended

Beautiful incense. Prompt shipping. Great transaction. Have had a number of transactions recently and always very professional and friendly. highly recommended.

Review By Su Menu

Vedanta Sandal

This was the first time I tried this and will definitely reorder it!

Review By Josie

Favorites to burn

My favorite incense to burn is Vedanta sandle.
I only like to buy @ Bookstores at Hollywood or
Trabuco center. Thanks
Jai Ma,
Josephine Berke