Yellow Champa Incense

  • Yellow Champa Incense
Imported from India

A lighter, more subtle champa.

  • 20 grams - Hand rolled Indian incense sticks
Indian incenses fragranced with Plumeria (Frangipani) have "champa" in their names. The exact scent of a particular champa depends of course on the individual recipe. This Yellow Champa, manufactured by Vithaldas Narayandas and Sons in Pune, India, is not quite as strong or heavy as some of the more familiar champas.

If you also include books with the order:
Please note that we may have to send the incense separately from any books ordered. According to postal regulations, incense cannot be sent at media rate.

If we can, we'll ship the incense with your book order, and charge the first class mail charge for the incense.
Otherwise, the incense will be send separately by first class mail or priority mail. In this case, the estimated shipping charge will be more.

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