Mythology (Epics) and Puranas of India

The two great epics of India are the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. It is said that to understand these two stories is in large measure to understand India. Certainly, the Ramayana and Mahabharata have exercised a profound influence upon India. Her poets and dramatists, have found a rich source of material in the legends of the epics, the national heroes whom the stories celebrate, and the truths of which they are a dramatic expression.

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Mythology and Iconography of Ganesha
Buddha (and other Amar Chitra Katha Comic Books)
Hanuman The Epitome of Devotion and Courage (Comic)
Rama (Comic)
Shiva Parvati (Comic)
Stories from The Bhagavatam
Jai Hanuman - Pictorial (for Children)
Ganesha (Comic)
Divine Plays of Lord Siva - The Tiruvilaiyadal Puranam (Pictorial)
Stories from Vedanta
Bhagavata Mahapurana (Gita Press edition)
Krishna DVD...aayo natkhat nandlal
Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion Geography - History - Literature
Cradle Tales of Hinduism
Devi Mahatmyam  (w. Devanagri)
Ganapati: Song of theSelf
Ganesh The Auspicious...The Beginning
Hindu Gods and Goddesses
Lalita Sahasranam
Mahabharata (by Ganguli)
Mahabharata (by Rajagopalachari)
Mahabharata (by Subramaniam)
Mahabharata (comics)
Mahabharata for Children/ Pictorial Mahabharata
Starting at $4.95
Myths and Legends of the Hindus and Buddhists
Puranic Encyclopedia
Ramayana (Children's edition)
Ramayana (Rajagopalachari)
Ramayana (Subramaniam)
Pictorial Ramayana
Shiva An Introduction
Siva Mahimnah Stotram
Srimad Bhagavatam The Wisdom of God
Srimad Ramayana (Sarma)
Stories for Children by Swami Vivekananda
Stories of Divine Children
Tirumantiram A Tamil Scriptural Classic
Uddhava Gita The Last Message of Sri Krishna
Sri Visnu Sahasranamam
Valmiki's Ramayana CD
Ramand Sagar's Ramayana (DVD)
Devi Mahatmyam  - with Roman transliteration
Srimad Bhagavata (tr. Swami Tapasyananda)
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Ancient Sages
The Story of Sri Krishna for Children (Pictorial)
Starting at $5.95
Stories of Lord Siva
Adversities are Opportunities Stories From Ancient India
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