Art and Independence: Y.G.Srimati and the Indian Style

  • Art and Independence: Y.G. Srimati and the Indian Style
By John Guy

The life and spiritual paintings of Y.G. Srimati, .

  • Beautifully illustrated with 130 images on 144 pages, large US coffee table book
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Y.G. Srimati was one of India's finest artists, but has been relatively unknown since she didn't care for fame. Her career as a classical singer, musician, dancer and painter - represents a continuum in which each of these skills and experiences merged, influencing and pollinating each other. Born in Mysore in 1926, Srimati was part of the generation much influenced by the rediscovery of a classical Sanskrit legacy devoted to the visual arts. Soon swept up in the nationalist movement for an independent India, she was deeply moved by the time she spent with Mahatma Gandhi. For the young Srimati, the explicit referencing of the past and of religious subjects came together in an unparalleled way, driven by the conscious striving for an indigenous agenda. This experience gave form and meaning to her art, and largely defined her style.
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