Mythology and Iconography of Ganesha

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  • Mythology and Iconography of Ganesha
by Dr. Madhumita Datta

A study of the Myth and Art of Ganesha with special reference to the Puranas.

  • 166 pages, Indian hardcover
  • 978-93-81325-19-3
Perhaps the most popular of the Hindu deities, the elephant god Ganesha is a familiar figure in the West as well. Who can resist this chubby remover of obstacles, this patron of arts and sciences, this god of beginnings?

This is a serious volume for the serious student. The book makes special reference to the Puranas in discussing the mythology and iconography of Ganesha. Included are 24 color plates .
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Review By Evan Bonus

Mythology and Iconography of Ganesha

Fantastic book, well thought out and explained well.