Hymn to Goddess Durga - The Destroyer of Mahishasura

  • Hymn to Goddess Durga - The Destroyer of Mahishasura
translated by Dr. S. Ramaratnam

A hymn of devotion to Goddess Durga.

  • 30 pages, small Indian booklet
  • 978-81-7823-023-8
This is a devotional hymn to Durga, the Hindu goddess of war, strength and protection. Durga combats evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity, and Dharma. Durga is also a fierce form of the protective mother goddess, who unleashes her divine wrath against the wicked for the liberation of the oppressed, and entails destruction to empower creation.

The hymn consists of twenty verses, first in English, then in Devanagari, followed by a Roman transliteration. Perfect for use during Durga Puja.

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