Nama Ramayana Mahima

  • Nama Ramayana Mahima
by Swami Harshananda

An exhaustive commentary in English on the Ramanama Sankirtanam

  • 1,817 pages, Indian hardbacks
The Rāma Nāma Sankirtan is sung monthly or bi-monthly at most of the Vedanta Societies and centers of the Ramakrishna Order worldwide. In 108 verses, each addressing Sri Ramachandra by a different name, the entire Ramayana has been condensed.

The gifted scholar Swami Harshananda delivered 150 talks on this Nāma Rāmāyana Mahima or Ramayana through the names of Rama, in the Kannada language. Krishnamurthy Ramakrishna of Tampa, Florida, undertook to transcribe and then translate these talks. This magnificent three-volume work is the result.

Lovers of Sri Rama, and lovers of the Rāma Nāma Sankirtan will find a wealth of stories and explanations in this beautiful collection, all set in the spiritual atmosphere of the Ramayana.
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