• Nama Ramayana Mahima
by Swami Harshananda

An exhaustive commentary in English on the Nama Ramayana Mahima, or Ram Nam.

  • 1,817 pages in 3 volumes, or 3 Indian hardbacks
  • 81-7505-499-9
This is a set of three massive books on the the verses of Ram Nam, which are sung in  many centers of the Ramakrishna Order, including Vedanta Societies in the US. It is a compilation of 150 classes of Swami Harshananda where he goes in to a close look at each of the verses. The set of books is a boon for scholars and serious fans of Ram Nam.

In 108 verses, each addressing Sri Ramachandra by a different name, the entire Ram Nam is looked at in minute detail, and in the process, tells much of the story of Rama and the Ramayana.

Lovers of Sri Rama, and of the Rāma Nāma Sankirtan will find a wealth of stories and explanations in this beautiful collection, all set in the spiritual atmosphere of the Ramayana.
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Review By Guru Prakash

Great Book for Lord Ram Bhakta

I’m truly enjoying reading Rama Ramayana Mahima. Swamyji has taken excerpts from Valmiki, Adhytma and occasionally Tulsi Ramayana to elaborate each line. It is filled with Bhakti rasa.