Mahabharata - 3-Volume Set (Comic)

  • Mahabharata Comic - 3 volume set
(Amar Chitra Katha Comics)

The Mahabharata in comic book form in a 3-volume hardcover boxed set.

  • 1,312 pages, Indian 3-Volume hardback set
  • (Retail Only)
Whatever is found here may be found somewhere else, but what is not found here is found nowhere. So says the Mahabharata -- the longest epic in world literature.

Ved Vyasa's legendary telling of the Bharata race was first recited in public by his disciple Vaishampayana at the behest of the ageless seer Vyasa himself. The recital took place in the noble presence of King Janamejaya, the great grandson of Vyasa, and the many learned sages who had gathered for Janamejaya's sarpa satra, a twelve-year long yajna.

The Mahabharata chronicles the great Kurukshetra War where brother stood against brother, guru against student, and sons against fathers and elders. It was a battle where even the gods took sides and human emotions were seen in their rawest and also their most noble forms.

Yudhishthira, the epitome of Dharma, loses everything in a game of dice that symbolizes the absolute destruction of Dharma. It leads to a chain of events that culminates in the most destructive and terrifying war -- a war in which no one is the ultimate winner, but every character a victim of his own karma, even Krishna,

Presented in comic book form, this beautiful three-volume set comes shrink wrapped in a slip case. The set includes:
Volume 1 - The Kuru Princes
Volume 2 - Pandavas in Exile
Volume 3 - On the Battlefield of Kurukshetra

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