Survival Skills

Let's face it: Life can be a pain. To overcome our problems, we need to change our perspective instead of trying to change the world. Although practically all of our books talk about this, the ones selected below are worth exploring.

What's needed is an attitudinal re-adjustment. The trick is to  see the Divine behind everything, what we do, what happens to us, it is all the will of God. A leaf doesn't fall from a tree unless it is the will of God.

God is good. God does all. God can do nothing but good.
Abide by this and peace of mind will naturally follow. 
 from Consolations, by Swami Ramakrishnanananda

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Effective Life Management
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Universal Ethics and Moral Conduct
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Relief of Tension, Depression & Anxiety through Spiritual Living
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Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached
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Channelling Youth Power
How to Get Along with Others
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