Relief of Tension, Depression & Anxiety through Spiritual Living

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  • Relief of Tension, Depression & Anxiety through Spiritual Living
by Swami Tathagatananda
  • 240 pages, Indian hardback
  • 81-7505-298-8

Tension and stress are the greatest threats to peace of mind, and our personal health. The problem is that we are taught to focus on our bodies and other material aspects of life. What's needed is a spiritual dimension to our lives to go beyond worldly cares.

Swami Tathagatananda presents a kind and considerate guide to the practice of spiritual life in five chapters:

1. Some Basic Principles of Spiritual Living
2. The Broad Question of Culture and Civilization
3. The Greatest Medical Problem of the Century
4.Practical Spiritual Principles to Alleviate Stress
5. The Deeper Significance of Spiritual Life

Integrating Western... medicine, psychology and science with the framework of the Vedantic tradition...this book is high-potency medicine for our mental and emotional illnesses; it's benefits ate long-lasting and without toxic side-effects.
- Professor Beatrice Johnson, Los Angeles Harbor College

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Review By Victoria

Spiritual Living

Obviously this Swami has never had tension, depression and anxiety. I found him to be putting these awful feelings in a very negative tone. I read only a third of the book, and then I threw it away. I would never want anyone suffering from any of those 3 things, much less all 3, to ever see this Swami's book. He was writing about something he had no first-hand knowledge of and very, very little sympathy. I found the book to be derogatory about anyone suffering from these things. Obviously, according to this Swami, they were just self-centered and full of self-pity. He didn't get it at all. I would never want his brand of spirituality which lacks compassion, kindness and humility.