Science of Happiness According to Yoga-Vedanta

  • Science of Happiness According to Yoga-Vedanta
by Pravrajika Divyanandaprana

A revolutionary journey into the depths of human happiness and consciousness.

  • 340 pages, Indian hardback
  • Retail Only
Science of Happiness According to Yoga_Vedanta is a compilation of talks given by Pravrajika Divyanandaprana, a monastic member of Sri Sarada Math, in Delhi in 2018. Each of the nine lectures unfolds for the reader different aspects of "Happiness"--a purely subjective experience--in a uniquely scientific and logical format. The exposition seamlessly cuts through divergent fields of knowledge and brings in profound insights from modern research into consciousness as well as from ancient scriptural revelations.

Widely acclaimed by the global audience, the course has given to many the inspiration to move to higher levels of happiness available to the human experience.
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