Thunderbolt - Sayings and Tribute

  • Thunderbolt - Sayings and Tribute

A small book of sayings on renunciation and service.

  • 78 pages, very small Indian hardback
Much loved by Sister Nivedita, the Thunderbolt is the symbol of renunciation and service. Rishi Dadhichi's selfless offering of himself, by allowing the weapon, vajra, to be made from his bones, allowed the Devas to reclaim heaven from the Asuras. Sister Nivedita wished all beings should be as powerful as this vajra, or Thunderbolt, and be inspired to renunciation and selfless service.

This little booklet measures 3.5" x 2.5". Its colorful pages contain sayings concerned with service. The words are complimented by small photographs, paintings and pictures. Perfect for the shirt pocket, bringing inspiration throughout the day.

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