We have quite a large selection of photographs of Ramakrishna and his disciples. A representative selection is on our website here, but many more are at our dedicated devotional photos website. Do check it out to see the breath of pictures.

Museum quality devotional prints are also available at our other website dedicated to the highest quality reproductions of Swami Tadatmana's artwork.
Black and White 8X10  Photograph R-1
Sarada Devi TS2 (close-up head shot)
Ramakrishna on a pillar
Sarada Devi Color Photograph
Starting at $3.95
Triptych of Holy Trio Pictures
Holy Trio Photographs -Ramakrishna - Holy Mother- Vivekananda
Starting at $1.95
Holy Mother S1 Photo with Red Flowers
Starting at $3.95
Vivekananda: The Hindu Monk of India
Starting at $7.95
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