Spiritual Paintings

To see the collection of paintings by Swami Tadatmananda, click on any image below, it will take you to our co-website that features high quality reproductions of paintings that you can order as prints. At this quality, the prints look like the original painting.

We also offer custom books of Swami Tadatmanana's paintings, click on the link


Paintings of Sri Ramakrishna
From $54.00 to $260.00
Paintings of Sri Sarada Devi
From $11.00 to $193.00
Paintings of SwamiVivekananda
From $11.00 to $193.00
Paintings of Swami Brahmananda
From $11.00 to $193.00
Incarnations and Saints
$12 to $364.00
Paintings of Shrine Poses
From $18.00 to $285.00
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