Holy Trio Photographs -Ramakrishna - Holy Mother- Vivekananda

Holy Trio Photograph Sets



Simple inexpensive shrine photos of the Holy Trio to use as a portable shrine.

  • (retail only)

$1.95 to $3.95

A choice of several picture collections of the Holy Trio

1) Folding photos in color with plastic protective covering as a tri-fold
     small 5.75x2.5 inches or
     large: 8.00x3.75 inches
2) Pictures printed in sepia on one printed page: 8.35 inches long and 4 inches high
3) Pictures printed in color on one printed page: 11 inches long and 5.25 inches high

The drop-down menu shows what the photo sets look like.

We also offer a nicer but more expensive choice of a triptych photo collection of the Holy Trio.

Photos printed in India.


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Holy Trio Photograph Sets 5.0 Divine By John M Photos have high clarity, good contrast, and great to have in the home. One cannot have too many of them.
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