Glimpses of a Great Soul: A Portrait of Swami Saradananda

  • Glimpses of a Great Soul: A Portrait of Swami Saradananda
by Swami Aseshananda

A biography and reminiscences about one of Sri Ramakrishna's direct disciples.

  • 274 pages, US paperback
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One of Sri Ramakrishna's direct disciples, Swami Saradananda was no ordinary monk. As the first General Secretary of the Ramakrishna Order, Saradananda was an amazing combination of spirituality, patience, devotion, and effectiveness in dealing with the exigencies of a large organization. His is a story of a close contact with political leaders, great saints, numerous religious leaders throughout the world, great teachers, noted authors, and outrageous eccentrics. Two major themes ran through Swami's life and are reflected in this book: his selfless devotion to Sri Sarada Devi and his closeness to his brother monks.

This is the memorable story of a memorable man who sought to know and serve God.

The author, Swami Aseshananda, was a direct disciple of Sri Sarada Devi, and served Swami Saradananda as secretary and confidante for a number of years.

Of further interest please see: The ABCs of Spiritual Life: Essential Vedanta Teachings of Swami Aseshananda. and Remembering Sri Sarada Devi's Disciple.

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