ABCs of Spiritual Life: Essential Vedanta Teachings of Swami Aseshananda

  • BCs of Spiritual Life
compiled by Terrance D. Hohner

A guide to the thoughts and teachings of Swami Aseshananda as well as his Holy Associations.

  • 365 pages, US paperback
  • (Retail only)
More than a reference book to the teachings of Swami Aseshananda, The ABCs of Spiritual Life brings together his thoughts and reminiscences on many teachers of Vedanta as well as over 80 pages of color photographs of Swami Aseshananda during his sojourn in America.

Part One is an alphabetical list of subjects touched on by the swami in his many talks and lectures. Ranging from adversity to worship the reader will be struck by his insight, compassion, and humor.
Part Two, or Holy Associations, collects many of Swami Aseshananda memories and/or thoughts of India's holy men and women.
The Appendix includes a host of wonderful photographs.

Swami Aseshananda was a disciple of Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi. He came to America in 1947 and became head of the Vedanta Society of Portland in 1955. He died in 1996.

Of further interest please see: Glimpses of a Great Soul and Remembering Sri Sarada Devi's Disciple.

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