Remembering Sri Sarada Devi's Disciple

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  • Remembering Sri Sarada Devi's Disciple
Reminiscences Compiled by Esther Warkov

Stories of an eccentric yet amazing holy man.

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Swami Aseshananda was the last living disciple of Sarada Devi, the Holy Mother. Once he came to America, he didn't look back and never returned to India. For over 50 years he served the devotees. There are many stories to be told about this most unusual and eccentric swami. He insisted on cutting the lawn, even in his old age,and  he would personally serve prasad to visitors.

This book will be a lot of fun to read, even if you aren't the swami's disciple.  Note that a CD accompanies the book with video, writings, a TV interview and other extras.

The book is meant mostly for people who had met Swami Aseshananda or those who have been in the company of a genuine holy man. If you have felt the intense divine love of such people, then what people say about Sw. Aseshananda makes sense.

Of further interest please see: The ABCs of Spiritual Life: Essential Vedanta Teachings of Swami Aseshananda. and Glimpses of a Great Soul.

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Review By John Schlenk

A Profound Bookl

"Esther Warkov has rendered a signal service to the Ramakrishna Vedanta community, not only in America but worldwide, by assembling more than 60 remembrances of one of the great swamis of the swamis. . . .what it gives us is a living sense of the Swami as he touched and transformed the lives of those who came to him. In their immediacy and variety, these reminiscences provide a rounded, multi-textured portrait of the swami; in their remarkable candor and directness, they bring us a genuine, living person, not an edited, air-brushed saint . . . . His life was a remarkable blend of jnana, bhakti and karma-yoga. His public teaching was largely on Advaita Vedanta, and he encouraged aspirants inclined towards nondualism to follow that path. At the same time, his devotion to Sarada Devi, his teacher, and to Sri Ramakrishna, was intense and profoundly moving. .. Read the full review at

Review By Esther Warkov

Reviewed in American Vedantist by John Schlenck