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Sanskrit Studies

Why should one learn Sanskrit?

The primary reason is to read the Sanskrit scriptures in the orignal language. This enables you to get the entire range of meanings that a single translation can never express. In another sense, it makes possible another way of thinking that gives access to deeper levels of spiritual insight.

People who have learned even the basics of Sanskrit are amazed at the elegance, beauty and power of the language.

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108 Sanskrit Flash Cards/ with CD
by Nicolai Bachman, M.A.
108 color flash cards with 60 min. audio CD
(retail only) $33.00

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English-Sanskrit Dictionary
by Monier-Williams
871 pages, large Indian hardback
(Note that exact title and page count may vary due to printing)
(retail only) $60.00

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First Lessons in Sanskrit Grammar and Reading
by Judith Tyberg
262 pages, US paperback
(retail only) $13.95

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Introduction to Sanskrit
by Vyaas Houston
three audio CDs, binder with 50 pages of instructions.
(retail only) $60.00

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Learn Sanskrit in 30 Days
by K. Srinivasa
212 pages, paperback

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Learning the Sanskrit Alphabet
by Thomas Egenes, PhD.
214 pages large spiral-bound paperback
(retail only) $18.00

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Sanskrit By CD set
by Vyaas Houston
16 audio CDs and large workbook with 300 pages of material
(retail only) $295.00

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Sanskrit Flash Cards
63 durable, quality cards

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Sanskrit Grammar for Students
By A.A. Macdonell
264 pages, hardback

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Sanskrit-English Dictionary
by Monier-Williams
1,367 pages, Large hardback Indian edition
(retail only) $60.00

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Teach Yourself Sanskrit: A Complete Course for Beginners
by Dr. Michael Coulson
Revised by Richard Gombrich and James Benson
402 pages, US paperback

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Mantrapushpam - pocket edition
Edited and Compiled by Swami Devarupananda
This pocket edition of Mantrapushpam is a collection of mantras printed in Devanagari script with Swara marks. It contains all the major Upanishads, 23 Vedic Suktas, as also Rudra and Aruna mantras
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608 pages Indian pocketbook hardback
(retail only) $10.95
Set of 5 Indian audio CDs
(retail only) $28.95
616 pages Indian hardback
(retail only) $18.00

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