Sanskrit Grammar

  • Sanskrit Grammar
by William Dwight Whitney

A classic in the study of Sanskrit.

  • 552 pages. US paperback
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As Latin is key to the study of Western classics, so Sanskrit is the gateway to understanding ancient Indian literature. One of the few Sanskrit grammars currently available, this meticulously researched and thoughtfully assembled guide to the language’s basics will prove valuable to students of Indian culture and history.

Focusing on the fundamentals of Sanskrit as revealed in literary classics, the text follows the forms and constructions of the older language, as exhibited in the Vedas and the Brahamana. It begins with an introduction to the Sanskrit alphabet, followed by a treatment of the accent: its changes in combination and inflection, and the tone of the individual worlds. Succeeding chapters discuss declension, conjugation, parts of speech, and formation of compound stems. A helpful appendix, Sanskrit index, and general index conclude the text.
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