Simple Cotton and Wool Chaddars

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  • WhiteCotton shawl/chaddar

Basic chaddars that are perfect to cover yourself for the practice of meditation.

See also our smoother light cotton chaddars

  • Size: roughly 46x100 inches
    except smaller "women's" shawl around 36x80 inches
    Made in India


The material for mainly the white chaddars is slightly rough cotton, clearly thicker than our other cotton shawls.

The other chaddars are a simple Indian wool. All these chaddars are hand-made, and as such, are not each exactly the same.
The color stripes can vary on the different shawls depending on what is in stock

Chaddars in order of appearance:

Larger "men's" white cotton chaddar - Smaller "women's" white cotton shawl, 
Reddish wool shawl/chaddar - Brown wool shawl/chaddar
Bright orange shawl/chaddar - brownish orange shawl/chaddar


 whie simple cotton shawl   

  Reddish Simple Cotton Shawl Brown shawl/Chaddar

Bright Orange Shawl/Chaddar Light orange cheddar/shawl


Colors online are close but will not exactly match the color you see in person.

NOTE: These shawls/chaddars are made in Jayrambati and Kamarpukur (the birthplaces of Holy Mother and Sri Ramakrishna) as part of a cottage industry for poor rural women workers started by the Ramakrishna Mission. (Click on the link for more information about the women who make the shawls and about rural development through The Ramakrishna Mission in India).

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Review By Ed Leigh

Meditation shawls and Photos

The shawls are beautiful and soft. The fact that they are handmade by artisans close to one of the holy sites for the Ramakrishna Order is in fact very special.

The photos are great and are dressing my altar. They greatly enhance my meditation and bhakti practice.

Review By Garret Lemos

Loving warmth

This Chaddar wraps perfectly and everytime I wrap myself in meditation I feel sustained love and warmth.

Review By Akhilesh Gupta

Shawl made of cotton

It s nice cotton chaddar for yoga and other uses good size

Review By asha nigam

meditation shawl

i love the cotton gold meditation shawl i bought. it is very sentimental because it comes from the home place of Sri RamaKrishna.
it is hand spun cotton shawl and i like to cover myself with it to
meditate morning and evening. I know it is being enthused with
divine energy every time i meditate. such mental state helps you tune in faster. it makes you feel grounded i feel.

Review By Susan Fay

Perfect, simple prayer shawl

This was everything I wanted: a simple prayer shawl that is big enough to easily tuck in around my legs and base, warm enough for winter time and, since it's cotton, cool enough for summer. It's one of the biggest shawls I've ever seen but not too unwieldy. I foresee many contented sessions of silence and sitting with this shawl.