Cotton Meditation Chaddar/Shawl

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  • shawl with multi-color border

Quality Chaddar/Shawl for meditation and keeping warm when it isn't too cold.

  • 108 to 110 inches by 51 inches,

    Made in India.

  • Retail Only
With this shawl (chaddar), you can cover yourself modestly and privately use your prayer beads. The shawl is like a cozy companion when practicing meditation.

This cotton shawl is about 110 inches by 51 inches (9 feet by 4.25 feet) . They are produced in a simple cottage industry. Especially suitable for weather that isn't too cold. Due to the size, some may regard this item as a dhoti.

You can wash in warm water. The fabric will tighten up after washing the first time, although actual shrinkage will be minimal.

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Review By anonymous

cotton meditation cheddar/shawl

I received the items in less than a week, unexpectedly quick from CA to PA. The shawl is of excellent quality.

Review By Mary McGann

Chaddar Shawl

It is a very nice item. I was surprised at its length which I appreciate. I am tall 5'9" The cheddar shawl smelled so good. It must have been stored near the incense. It was a nice touch even if by chance.

Review By Charlotte Macken

Cotton Meditation Shawl

Thank you for continuing to make these beautiful shawls available for purchase. I bought two and gave one to my husband for his birthday. He was amazed at the loveliness of the fabric, being so light weight and soft.
Thank you so much!
p.s. Please email us when the shawls that are out of stock get replenished. Thanks!

Review By Monika McClain


very light and simple, great large size - good price

Review By Peter Kotlowski

Shawl disappointing

I was disappointed that the shawl is not finished on two side and threads were coming off when I first started using it. It would be better if a seam were sewn on either side before it is sold. It is also thinner than I expected, semi-transparent instead of a heavy cotton fabric.

Review By Karen Anderson

Just right

This is an ideal cheddar. While I was initially concerned about the stiffness, gentle washings do soften it. This is a very useful item.

Review By Richard Sievers


I ordered this with the expectation that it was similar to a fellow yogi's that he purchased 40 years ago...
When I received the shawl, it was very thin, very stiff, and one of the hems was completely unfinished. I emailed the company and even sent photos, with my concerns, I did not here back sadly. because of the price, I let it go....

Review By Shelley Brown

Cotton Meditation Chaddar

This is fine cheddar, excellent quality cotton, that will be extremely comfortable for meditation in the summer. I am delighted to find that you have this cheddar in stock. I did order the red border and I received instead the green border, which is also nice and which I can use, so I need not return it.