Remembrances of Swami Swahananda: Reflections on Greatness

  • Remembrances of Swami Swahananda: Reflections on Greatness
Reminiscences by Sadhus and Devotee
Compiled by Malay Das

Memories of Swami Swahananda by both monastics and householders, printed on his 100th birth anniversary.

  • 473 pages
  • Hardback 978-0-9989539-4-6
    Paperback 978-0-9989539-3-9
(From the Introduction)
When I started writing Swami Swahananda: A Profile in Greatness, many sadhus as well as devotees and disciples of Maharaj showed interest in being part of that holy journey of reflecting on his life.... Thus a second volume was needed to do justice to the valuable recollections by ... those who had known him.

This collection comprises over 400 pages of devoted memories by those who knew him. The writings are often very personal and heartfelt. This book is inspiring even if you never met the swami.
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