Mother of Mayavati

Mother of Mayavati

by Amrita M. Salm, PhD
This is the story of Charlotte Sevier and the role she played in the founding of the Mayavati branch of Advaita Ashrama.
  • 424 pages, Indian hardback
  • 81-7505-401-8


"What a story! Pieced together from journals and letters it fleshes out in significant ways the history of the early years of the Ramakrishna movement. Mother of Mayavati is an important contribution to that history, but is memorable too, as a loving portrait of a remarkable woman."  Carol Lee Flinders, PhD. Author of numerous titles including Enduring Grace.


"...a welcome addition to the literature about the early years of the Ramakrishna movement, both in India and the West. Glimmering with historical information little known to the general public, it brings both the remarkable life of Charlotte Sevier and the Mayavvati Ashrama to vibrant life."  Pravrajika Vrajaprana, author of Vedanta: A Simple Introduction, and Interpreting Ramakrisna,



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