Words of the Master Selected Precepts of Sri Ramakrishna

Words of the Master: Selected Precepts of Sri Ramakrishna

compiled by Swami Brahmananda
Words and thoughts of Sri Ramakrishna on a variety of subjects.
  • 80 pages, small Indian paperback
  • 81-8040-453-6

...the only motive which has moved the author to compile these selected sayings of the Master is to present them to the public, as nearly as possible, in the form in which they were originally uttered.

One of Sri Ramakrishna's closest disciples, Swami Brahmananda, in a labor of grateful love, has given here a great service in this small booklet. Arranged under twenty-five subject headings, the words and thoughts of Sri Ramakrishna continue to provide us with inspiration and understanding.

A Sampling of the Contents:
Knowledge of self
Self Delusion (Maya)
Different Stages of Man
The True Lover of God
Obstacles to Devotional Exercises (Sadhana)
Divine Grace
Yearning for God

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