Vedanta & Ramakrishna

  • Vedanta & Ramakrishna
by Swami Swahananda
edited by Pam Ried

A wide-ranging collection of essays on Vedanta and its relevance in modern times, and the teachers who best explained it.

  • 446 pages Indian hardback
  • 81-87332-23-9

A series of essays by the previoust head of the Hollywood Center of the Vedanta Society of Southern California:

Part I
Relevance of Vedanta Today
Man's Destiny
Spirituality and Quality of Life
Be an Instrument of God .
Towards a Meaningful Life
Spiritual Life: Techniques and Attitude
The Concept of God in Hinduism
Ideals of Vedanta
The Doctrines of Grace and Karma
Sanatana Dharma and Sri Ramakrishna
Social Implications of Vedanta
Strength is Religion
Advaita Vedanta
Vedanta and the Individual
the Four Values of Life
The Need of Idealism in Youth
Life and Its Mission
Unity of Religions

Part II
The Message of the Upanishads
Spiritual Training of the Mind
The Yoga of Tranquility
The Conquest of Misery and the Gita
Yoga of Meditation
Service as a Spiritual Discipline
Buddha and His Way

Peace and Unity through Religion

The Unique Ramakrishna
Holy Mother in Universal Perspective
Ramakrishna, The Principle
Why the Gospel is so Popular
Swami Brahmananda
Chicago Address
Swami Vivekananda and the West
The Ramakrishna Movement and the Role of the Devotees
Ramakrishna Movement Abroad
My Days in Madras Math
The Need for a New Temple of Sri Ramakrishna
Working for Peace

Interreligious Meeting with the Pope

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