Upanishads: Breath of the Eternal (with cd)

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  • Upanishads: Breath of the Eternal (with cd)
by Swami Prabhavananda and Frederick Manchester
  • 77 minutes audio CD
    including book
    197 pages US quality paperback

In ancient times, scriptures were recited. There were few if any books.

Hear how the oral tradition works. We offer a CD that was originally brought out in 1976 as a double-LP record set. Re-mastered from the original tapes and slightly edited to fit both vinyl records on one audio CD.

The following Upanishads are on the CD:

Isha (2:10)
Katha (20:16
Aitareya (4:35)
Brihadaranyaka (19:45)
Svetasvatara (13:20)
Taittiriya (7:45)
Chandogya (9:43)

Isherwood's reading of the Katha Upanishad is noteworthy and very pleasant to hear. This Upanishad tells the story of a young man who goes to the god of Death where he learns the secret of life. We used to listen to Chris read this scripture in the early morning in the temple of the Vedanta Society on Vivekananda's birthday. Needless to say, this translation is our favorite.

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Review By Tim Hennessey

The Upanishads

What an informative view of the Upanishads, A very comprehensive and easy to read book.