• Thus Spake Vivekananda
  • 96 pages, small Indian paperback
  • 81-7823-394-0

The "Thus Spake" series is a collection of small books or booklets that you can carry around for convenience.

Thus Spake Vivekananda is a part of the series available for separate purchase.

Table of Contents:
Sraddha (Faith)
The Call to India
Our Women
Service and Sacrifice
In Search of God

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Review By Ganesan Krishnamoorthy

Guidepost for all times

This booklet by Swami Vivekananda spoke to the bewildered, detached and confused youth of India during and my youth and the young men and women before my time. India has to be reminded, time and again, of the importance of action rather than words in life.
The youth of India today face the dehumanizing effect of the mass media, trusting the words emanating from the rectangular brain they carry that they text with and talk to rather than listening to the voice of conscience and patriotism arising from the heart that demand action. I bought a few copies of Thus Spake and mailed them to my brother's grandson in India for personal guidance and to be shared with his friends.