• Thus Spake Set

13 Thus Spake Booklets

Thus Spake The Buddha
Thus Spake The Christ
Thus Spake Guru Nanak
Thus Spake The Holy Mother
Thus Spake Sri Krishna
Thus Spake Lord Mahavir
Thus Spake Prophet Muhammad
Thus Spake Sri Rama
Thus Spake Sri Ramakrishna
Thus Spake Sri Sankara
Thus Spake Vivekananda
Thus Spake The Vedas
Thus Spake Zarathushtra

  • usually 96 pages each, 13 small Indian paperbacks
Thus Spake collection in separate booklets: Thus Spake The Buddha, Christ, Guru Nunak, Holy Mother, Krishna, Mahavir, Rama, Ramakrishna, Muhammad, Sri Rama, Ramakrishna. Sankara, Vivekananda , The Vedas, Zarathushtra
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Review By James Starkey

Much appreciated clarity

I love these concise booklets. They are a good introduction to these important figures and ideas.

Review By John M

Dynamite comes in small packages

These very small books are making a very large positive impact on the mind!