The Upanishads (Swami Paramananda, tr.)

  • Upanishads by Swami Parmananda
translated by Swami Paramananda

A rendering of four principal Upanishads into clear, simple English, accessible to Western readers.

  • 150 pages, US paperback
  • 0-911564-02-0
From the Preface:

The translator’s idea of rendering the Upanishads into clear, simple English, accessible to Occidental readers, had its origin in a visit paid to a Boston friend in 1909. The gentleman, then battling with a fatal malady, took from his library shelf a translation of the Upanishads and, opening it, expressed deep regret that the obscure and unfamiliar form shut him from what he felt to be profound and vital teaching.

Taking his cue from this incident, Swami Paramananda was led to present a series of classes on the Upanishads at the Vedanta Centre of Boston. The revised transcription of these lectures has resulted in this jewel of a book. Included are the Swami’s translations and commentaries of four of the principal Upanishads: Isa, Katha, Kena and Mundaka Upanishads.
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