The Soul's Journey to Its Destiny

  • The Soul's Journey to Its Destiny
by Swami Ashokananda

Eight lectures by Swami Ashokananda explaining the Vedantic concept of the origin, constitution, development and destiny of the human being.

  • 312 pages, Indian paperback
  • 81-7505-126-4
In this illuminating book, Swami Ashokananda traces the decent of the individual from his true divine status to his present condition and describes his ascent back to God. He explains how the various aspects of one's relative existence can be instrumental in the realization of his perfect being, which, in fact, he has never lost. The matter discussed herein is, in short, an explanation of the involution and evolution of the soul. One finds in these pages the Vedantic answers to many of the big questions that we have asked since we first started asking. It provides not only an intellectual understanding of the soul's journey, but also practical counsels on how to speed it along.
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