The Passion of Ramakrishna - CD

  • Passion of Ramakrishna
Composed by Philip Glass
  • Performed by The Pacific Symphony, conducted by Carl St. Clair
    The Pacific Chorale directed by John Alexander
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The Passion of Ramakrishna is a classical choral music piece meant to recount Ramakrishna's suffering, death and transfiguration as took place during the last few months of his life. The words of Ramakrishna are taken up by the Chorus. 

The 45 minutes choral work is based on the writings of Indian Spiritual leader Ramakrishna, which as one critic noted,
" seems to have genuinely inspired and revived the composer out of his old formulas to write something fresh".

You can hear the tracks at this link.

1. Prologue
2. Part 1: The Master’s Visions
3. Part 2: Sarada Devi
4. Part 3: The Master’s Illness
5. Part 4: The Mahasamadhi of the Master
6. Epilogue

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