The Inspired Life of Sarah Ellen Waldo

  • Inspired Life of Sarah Waldo
by Amrita M. Salm and Judy Howe Hayes

A biography of one of Swami Vivekananda's most faithful disciples.

  • 405 pages, Indian hardback
  • 978-81-7505-409-7
Swami Vivekananda spent more than three years in the United States and Europe sowing the seeds of Vedanta through his illuminating talks. These talks came down to us through Sarah Ellen Waldo and J. J. Goodwin.

She was the transcriber of the Inspired Talks of Swami Vivekananda, as well as the editor of most of his talks, including Raja Yoga, a seminal work that has become a textbook for the students of the Yoga Sutras. She also wrote numerous articles on Vedanta and was the first Western woman Swami Vivekananda asked to teach Vedanta in America.

It's a good ride as you follow her adventures throughout the world, and quite inspiring as we read about her interactions with the disciples of Sri Ramakrishna.
"  find people are the mile-stones in my life; friendships the greatest thing life has to give. Swamiji was only a friend, but a friend who knew God, and so passed Him on to me. Meeting Swamiji changed my life in a twinkling! But I was ready. The readiness  is all."  
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