Suvarna: The Dewdrop World

  • Suvarna: The Dewdrop World
Music by Suvarna
  • 54 minutes US music CD
This beautiful album is the work of an artist who grew up with a classical music background, and spent several years in India learning Eastern music. Suvarna learnt Indian raga singing and began to play a five-string electric, synthesizor violin. 

The combination of all these elements creates music that is familiar to Western ears, but at the same time brings the depth and atmosphere of Indian music to the listener. This Dewdrop World features a world of instruments including kora, violin, saz, oud, mandolin and tabla, all expertly orchestrated by producer Martyn Phillips (Was Not Was, Soul II Soul, Khaled) to complement Suvarna's gracefully confident voice. Dedicated to all who are striving for awakening, This Dewdrop World is sublime accompaniment for introspective journeys and a delicate musical acknowledgment of life's beauty. 

1. Heart Of Tara 5:56 
2. This Dewdrop World 6:19 
3. What You Are To Me 4:54 
4. The Divine Sound 8:09 
5. Charaiveti, Charaiveti 7:53 
6. Passion For The Ultimate 6:40 
7. Deniz 3:38 
8. Nanak's So 10:04 Musicians Suvarna: vocals, synthesizer, violin, keyboards Martyn Phillips: programming, percussion, violin, oud, saz, pedal steel guitar, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, kora, vocals Ravi: keyboards, hand percussion, drums, mandolin, kora, electric kora, vocals, flute Ty Burhoe: tabla on Heart of Tara and Charaiveti, Charaiveti

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