Sri Ramakrishna: Life and Teachings (An Interpretive Study)

  • Sri Ramakrishna: Life and Teachings (An Interpretive Study)
by Swami Tapasyananda

An interpretive biography of Sri Ramakrishna by the renowned scholar-monk, Swami Tapasyananda.

  • 239 pages, Indian paperback
  • 978-81-7883-711-0
Sri Ramakrishna’s life and teachings have left an indelible mark on the religious history of the world. To fully understand the significance of Ramakrishna’s profound spiritual experiences, his life being one of constant communion with the divine, one finds it necessary to study deeply and interpret his saintly life. This task has been profoundly yet lucidly done by Swami Tapasyananda. He has presented in an original and striking way a biographical narrative of Sri Ramakrishna, interspersing it with the detailed analysis of his deep spiritual states. The book, therefore, serves as an excellent interpretation of the life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, for both devotees and scholars.

Swami Tapasyananda was a renowned scholar-monk and president of Sri Ramakrishna Math from 1971 to 1991.
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