Sri Ramakrishna and His Unique Message

Sri Ramakrishna and His Unique Message

by Swami Ghanananda
A study of the teachings and message of Sri Ramakrishna.
  • 171 pages, Indian paperback
  • 81-7505-071-3

Sri Ramakrishna’s message was unique in being expressed in action. The message itself was the perennial message of Hinduism. As Swami Ghanananda points out, Hinduism is unique among the historic higher religions in holding that neither Hinduism nor any other religion is the only truth or only way to salvation. In the Hindu view, each of the higher religions is a true vision and a right path, all alike indispensable to humankind. Each gives a different glimpse to the same Truth, and each leads by a different route to the same goal. Each religion, therefore has a special spiritual value of its own which is not to be found in any of the others.

To know this is good, but it is not enough. Religion is not just a matter for study—it is something that has to be experienced and to be lived. This is the field in which Sri Ramakrishna manifested his uniqueness.

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