Sri Ramakrishna: A Divine Life in Pictures

  • Sri Ramakrishna: A Divine Life in Pictures
by Swami Chetanananda

A beautiful, fully illustrated pictorial biography of Sri Ramakrishna.

  • 232 pages, large US hardback
  • (Retail Only)
Join Swami Chetanananda as he takes us on a spiritual and pictorial journey tracing the life and footsteps of Ramakrishna through rural Bengal where he was born, to then British Calcutta and the sacred Dakshineshwar Temple by the banks of the Ganges where Ramakrishna spent his most important years.

Using a wide variety of archival prints and photographs from the 19th century to the present with 639 photographs--both color and black and white--this new biography of Sri Ramakrishna is a delight to behold.

Included are photographs of many of the people who came into contact with Sri Ramakrishna along with vignettes of their impressions of him. The reader will also encounter descriptions of the lively political and cultural atmosphere of Calcutta under British India as well as the vibrant ancient spiritual traditions of rural Bengal.

This coffee-table sized will make a wonderful addition to any spiritual library, as well as the perfect gift.

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