Sri Aurobindo: Selected Writings: (computer CD Rom)

  • Sri Aurobindo: Selected Writings: (computer CD Rom)
Digital CD for Mac or Win 9x, XP PC
Computer CD Software for Windows 9x or higher or Macintosh system 7.1 or higher.

With extensive searching, bookmarking and compilation capacities. 

Included titles
The Life Divine 
The Synthesis of Yoga 
Essays on the Gita 
Savitri: A Legend and A Symbol 
Essays Divine and Human 
Essays in Philosophy and Yoga 
The Secret of the Veda 
The Upanishads 
Letters on Yoga 
The Human Cycle 
The Ideal of Human Unity 
War and Self-Determination 
The Renaissance in India (formerly Foundations of Indian Culture)
Sri Aurobindo: A Life-Sketch.

PDF files are included of several of the books.

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