• Self-Knowledge (Atmabodha)
By Shankara
translated by Swami Nikhilananda

A classic work on non-dualism by Shankara.

  • 246 pages US hardback
  • 0-911206-11-6

An important work by Shankara on Vedanta Philosophy. Some may find the reading to be difficult at times. but this translation is a classic and well-written book of Shankara's most important work

The introduction give a detailed account of Vedanta from both the theoretical and practical standpoint. Readers will find in it all the phases of man's progressive thought, beginning with Dualism, passing through the intermediary stage of Qualified Non-dualism, and ending in Absolute Non-dualism, in which one experiences the total identity of the soul and Godhead, and beyond where human thinking cannot go.

Translated from the Sanskrit with notes, comments, and extensive introduction.

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Review By Davor Ararankovic

Self-Knowledge (Atmabodha)

Introduction alone worth the entire book, not to mention the comments to the original text.

Review By Asim


This concise book is superb. The very highest understanding of Advaita Vedanta made as understandable as possible... for our human minds.