Sarada Devi photo, The Holy Mother, Shrine Pose S-1

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  • Sarada Devi photo, The Holy Mother, Shrine Pose S-1
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Meditation pose of Sri Sarada Devi, the Holy Mother

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This photo is called the meditation pose of Sarada Devi, the Holy Mother
The photograph is printed on thick archive quality paper.

The picture was taken in 1898 when she was forty-five by an English photographer.

The story behind the  picture is interesting:
When Mrs. Ole Bull approached Holy Mother for her photograph, she declined because she was too shy to go to a studio and unveil her face in front of an unknown photographer. But when Mrs. Ole Bull fervently requested, Holy Mother asked her to bring a woman photographer. As no woman photographer was available, she then asked her to bring a European photographer. When the photographer arrived, Holy Mother, controlling her bashfulness, sat for a photo session. Sister Nivedita and Golap-ma arranged her clothing and hair according to their taste.

On March 9, 1899, Sister Nivedita wrote to Mrs. Eric Hammond: "You know that photograph meant the first time she [Holy Mother] had ever looked straight at a grownup man outside her own family, or been seen by one. Yet what self-consciousness was there? Not a grain! Neither Swami [Vivekananda] nor Sri Ramakrishna himself ever saw her unveiled - after her marriage, that is, when she was a little girl of five!" (Letters of Sister Nivedita, Vol. 1, p. 76).
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