Rumi and Islam: Selections from His Stories, Poems, and Discourses

  • Rumi and Islam
Translated, Annotated and Explained by Ibram Gamard

Selections from the stories, poems, and discourses of Rumi.
Annotated and explained.

  • 232 pages, US paperback
  • (retail only)
The lyric and wisdom poetry of Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi has been an inspiration throughout the Middle East and Asia for over 700 years. The book is written so you can experience the profound wisdom of Rumi even if you have no previous knowledge of Sufism or Islam. The translator and editor has focused not the popularized Rumi of universal love, but the Sufi disciple whose works express deep reverence for the Profit Mohammad, and on the Islamic foundations of his lover-beloved mystical poetry. He thus provides insight into the mystical side of the Qur'an and Islam, a religion that holds a deep love of God at its core.
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