Reflections of Si Ramakrishna

Reflections on Sri Sri Ramakrishna

by Mohendra Nath Dutta
Reflections and memories of Sri Ramakrishna by Swami Vivekananda's younger brother.
  • 120 pages, Indian paperback
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Mohendra Nath Dutta, as Vivekananda's younger brother, visited Ramakrishna many times in his early teens. This book contains his memories and reflections of the visits. It's fascinating to observe through the author what it was like to sit with Ramakrishna (referred to in the book as Paramahamsa Mosai.) and see how others reacted to him. Truly this is a book worth reading for devotees of Ramakrishna. Translated from the Bengali.

I noticed a strange attractive power in Paramahamsa Mosai, be it while he was sitting in the drawing room or while singing in the courtyard, or while eating... It was as if our principal task was to observe him quietly. Often what he said was not remembered... but I noticed a kind of aura or energy emanating from the body of Paramahamsa Mosai. Coming from its source, the energy first enveloped the entire room and then the front verandah. It even used to pass through the bars on the window and undulate on the road. I observed this on several occasions. Many contemporaries had noticed this and discussed the matter.

It was as if the energy or aura first touched the skin. Gradually it entered into the flesh and approached the heart where it was clearly felt. Then there ensued a fierce struggle between the personality and the external energy. Finally, vanquishing the internal energy, the external energy entered the inner recesses. Then individuality or one's own power was lost. The normal thoughts of family and household affairs were forgotten, as though the mind had moved to an unknown region... the world and worldly activities appeared like pictures in a distance. Worldly desires and attachments vanished... Even meditation and japam... looked like a sort of bondage

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Reflections on Sri Sri Ramakrishna 5.0 Very nice book. By Van Wallace I enjoy anything written about Ramakrishna. So this book was quite welcome as I think I've read almost everything available on this beloved incarnation of God. Reading a treasure such as this book, puts one that much closer to the Master. Thank you for making it available!
Reflections on Sri Sri Ramakrishna 5.0 Reflections On Sri Sri Ramakrishna By Harry Kiakis This short book of 120 pages is quite amazing. The author, Vivekananda's brother, was fortunate to observe Ramakrishna up close on several occasions, and describes him as he transforms from a simple illiterate villager to his most exalted state in slow stages while visiting a neighbor's home. The writer goes on to give a detailed explanation as to why each stage is necessary. Also for the dance that Ramakrishna performs. The book is filled with new information. A must for all followers of Ramakrishna.
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