Ramakrishna in Today's Violent World

Ramakrishna in Today's Violent World

  • 208 pages Indian paperback
  • 978-81-7823-505-9

For a world filled with violence, this collection of articles, mostly by swamis of the Ramakrishna Order, examines the message of Ramakrishna in the context of overcoming violence and hostility.

(Selection From the Table of Contents):

  The Ultimate Antidote
   Swami Atmashraddhananda
Sri Ramakrishna's Uniqueness
   Arnold Toynbee
Dharma-sthapaka Sri Ramakrishna
   Swami Sridbarananda
Love, and Conquer
   Swami Smaranananda
Sri Ramakrishna and His Message
   Swami Adiswarananda
Sri Ramakrishna and Today's World of Conflicting Ideals
   Swami Gautamananda
The Gentle Radiance of a Luminous Lamp
Religious Harmony and Disharmony

   Swami Brahmeshananda
Psychology of Violence
   Swami Nityasthananda
Quest for God in a Contemporary World
   Swami Atmajnanananda


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