Ramakrishna-Holy Mother E-Book

Ramakrishna-Holy Mother E-Book

from the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama
  • computer CD from India (PC only)

The Ramakrishna-Holy Mother E-Book is a computer CD of the major works on Ramakrishna and Holy Mother, and an amazing research tool. If you wonder where a passage is, simply enter the text and it will search through all the listed books to find your passage.

The CD works only on a PC.

It has the complete Nikhilananda Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna,
Ramakrishna: The Great Master,
Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna,
The Gospel of the Holy Mother,
Sarada Devi: The Holy Mothe
r, and
Teachings of the Holy Mother.

The CD also has a gallery of 250 photographs, and many maps of important places connected with the Holy Mother and Sri Ramakrishna.

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